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Preparing For A Winter Storm: What To Do Before, During, And After

If you’re a first-time homeowner or are unfamiliar with owning a home in a cold climate, it’s critical to understand how to prepare your roof for winter. If snowfall is expected, you should take specific actions. Below, you can learn more about them and other precautions to protect your roof from damage during a winter storm.

Your home’s roof is crucial to your security. Snow and ice accumulation on your roof may cause leakages and other problems that can damage your home’s interior. Winter storms can damage your winter roofing system due to the weight of the snow & ice.

Best Time To Prepare Your Roof For A Winter Storm

The months before winter is an ideal time for preparing your roof for snowfall. If your roof is ready before the winter season, you may have enough time to hire a winter roofing contractor to fix any issues.

What To Do With Your Roof Before A Winter Storm?

1) Inspection

Conduct a roof check when preparing your roof for severe weather. It’s crucial to finish this as quickly as you can so you have time to address any problems you may uncover.

Learn about the structure of your roof and keep an eye out for the following:

  1. a) Broken Flashing: Flashing prevents water & snow from penetrating the roof, especially around chimneys and skylights. Look for any damage to the flashing and get the repairing or replacement of it as needed.
  1. b) Noticeable Sagging: Reinforcement is required to support the additional weight.


2) Double-check Your Gutters Before A Snowstorm

Cleaning the leaves and other debris is essential to keep your gutters operational. It’s crucial if a winter storm is on the horizon. Leaves can accumulate in your gutters and restrict flow.

3) Predict & Prepare For Aftereffects

You need to be well-prepared for snowfall & winter storm damage. You can avoid ice dams, roof leaks from melting snow, & structural load tension by shoveling and clearing snow off your roof. These services are provided by winter roofing and snow removal businesses. If you feel insecure doing it yourself, ensure you have expert roofers you can call.

What To Do With Your Roof During A Winter Storm?

Monitoring the weather during the winter is the first thing you should do to prevent winter storm damage. When a severe storm is on the horizon, schedule some time to prepare your roof. Additionally, you should be ready for several days below zero. Knowing the weather forecast will help you locate and deal with roof areas where ice is expected to accumulate.

What To Do With Your Roof After A Winter Storm?

It’s crucial to inspect your roof after a significant snowfall. After a storm, you should check the roof and attic as soon as possible. The secret to avoiding long-term issues with your home’s roof and the interior is to identify winter storm damage and fix it.

1) House Interiors

After a storm, look around your home for leakages. The most common signs of water damage are damp spots on your attic’s flooring or discolored patches on your ceiling.

2) House Exterior

Look for a winter roofing material that is damaged or fractured. You should look out if your gutters have any winter storm damage. A picture of your roof before the storm can be useful for reference.

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