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Most Common Winter Roofing Problems

You are probably nervous about the season’s first snowfall for various reasons, including shoveling your driveway and driving slippery highways.


Winter weather can cause significant damage to your roof. We have written this blog to educate you on the most common winter roofing problems and how to resolve them. At Tom Jannace Roofing in Suffolk County, New York, our roofers are committed to the year-round protection of your roof and home.


Continue reading to learn about the most common winter roofing problems that occur during the winter. If you require assistance, please contact us. Furthermore, we are available throughout the year. Your roof is crucial in defending your house from the weather, including snow and ice. The rigors of winter weather can strain a roof to its breaking point. 


The following are the top winter roofing problems you should watch out for:

1) Snow Leaks

Water leaking through the roof is one of the most common causes of roof damage. Snow accumulates on the roof and starts to melt. Snow typically accumulates along the roofline, beside a chimney, or in a valley causing common winter roofing problems.

2) Winter Winds

Strong winds may pull the roof shingles at any time of the year. The shingles can hold firm if your roof is in good condition, but they are very much in danger if it is old. Check your yard for any loose shingles following a severe winter wind storm.

3) Excessive Snow Load

Winter roofing problems can be truly disastrous. This describes how much weight from snow your roof can support. When a blizzard repeatedly drops snow on a portion of your roof, the additional weight can seriously harm the structure. An enormous snow load might cause a roof collapse in a few circumstances.

4) Ice Dams

The middle of the roof’s snow melts over the winter, gets caught in blocked gutters, and then refreezes, causing ice dams to form. At the borders of the roof, this forms a substantial barrier of solid ice that prevents melting snow from flowing away.


This melted snow often leaks directly into your roof as it has nowhere to drain, resulting in significant damage. Another incentive to clean your gutters this season is that they are more likely to develop ice dams on roofs with clogged or obstructed gutter systems.

5) Condensation

Condensation in your house is typically a sign that the attic needs ventilation. Your roof & attic function as one, and when your attic is improperly vented, it can’t control temperature and may cause problems. Mold and mildew can develop in the home due to moisture buildup. The presence of vents alone on the roof does not guarantee ventilation.


Your contractor should calculate the area of your roof & attic open to airflow to calculate the volume and distribution of intake and exhaust vents.

6) Icicles

Even though they add to the beauty of a winter environment, icicles are harmful if they land on humans or animals. They may yank your gutters away from home. You can prevent icicles from growing by maintaining your gutters and downspouts throughout the winter.


However, once they start to form, icicles are simple to remove – with caution, of course – alleviating the pressure on your gutters and removing the danger to anyone walking underneath. Icicles may be a symptom of an ice dam, a far more severe issue.

Avoid Common Roof Problems This Winter With Us!

It is essential to contact a qualified roofing contractor to handle these problems unless you have experience with winter roofing. A qualified roofer has the skills and knowledge to repair common winter roofing problems with little safety.


Tom Jannace Roofing keeps your roof in good condition this season in Suffolk County, NY. Call our full-service remodeler to take care of your roofing needs if you have any winter roofing problems. To find out more about our services, contact us now.