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Why Choose Tom Jannace Roofing for Your Roof Inspections?

Inspecting your roof on a regular basis will help it last longer and perform better. Detecting problems before they become severe saves money that might otherwise be needed for more extensive fixes or perhaps a complete roof replacement. For this reason, teaming up with a reliable roofing business that provides thorough inspection services is crucial.

When it comes to high-quality roofing services, Kings Park residents know and trust Tom Jannace Roofing. Thanks to our expert staff and many years of experience, we can meet any and all of your roofing requirements. Tom Jannace Roofing can do inspections for both commercial and residential buildings.

Expert advice and personalized service

High-quality materials and industry-leading brands

Professional installation by certified technicians

Competitive pricing and financing options

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The Importance of a Roof Inspection

As part of your home’s preventative maintenance, you should never neglect checking the roof. A roof check may appear to be a little chore, but its significance cannot be understated. Keeping up with roof maintenance is essential to protecting your property from weather damage and extending its lifespan.

One of the most important reasons to have your roof inspected is so that you can catch small problems before they become big ones. If you ignore roof problems, such as little leaks or cracks, they will eventually become more larger and more expensive to fix. Time, money, and worry can all be avoided later on if these issues are detected and dealt with quickly.

Verifying the continued validity of your insurance policy is another vital part of a comprehensive roof inspection. In order to maintain coverage, many insurers stipulate periodic checks. If you don’t have your roof examined and damage happens, your claim may be void.

A thorough roof inspection can assist increase energy efficiency in your home, protect your investment, and keep your insurance in good standing. Insulation tests made possible through inspections are crucial in preventing heat loss during the winter and keeping cool air inside during the summer.

At the very least once a year, and certainly after significant storms or accumulations of snow, it’s wise to have your roof inspected. However, older roofs or those in hostile environments may require more frequent checks.

Our Roof Inspection Services:

In-Depth Roofing Inspection and Assessment

If you have ever thought, "Where can I get a professional roof inspection?" In response to questions like "how often should I have my roof inspected?" or "what are the warning signs I need a roof inspection?" our skilled staff carries out comprehensive roof inspections. Then, we deliver a detailed report outlining our findings and suggesting the optimal strategy for roof upkeep, restoration, or replacement.

Regular Roof Maintenance and Repair

Costly roof repairs or replacements can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance. To keep your roof in top shape, Tom Jannace Roofing provides expert maintenance services like leak detection, damage assessment, and fast repairs.

Roof Safety Inspection and Compliance

To ensure the well-being of your house and loved ones, we conduct comprehensive roof safety assessments. We check the stability of your roof, look for any potential dangers, and make sure you're in accordance with all local, state, and federal roofing requirements.

Roof Replacement Assessment and Planning

If you're wondering, "how much does a roof inspection cost?" since you're thinking about getting a new roof, then rest assured that our staff can help you figure that out by conducting a roof replacement evaluation. We will coordinate the replacement with you so that it causes you the least amount of inconvenience possible at home.

Roofing Warranty Inspection and Support

To guarantee your roof is protected by your warranty and abides by all local building codes, we offer inspection services as part of our roofing warranty. Our team is here to guide you through the warranty procedure if you ever run into any problems.

Personalized Roofing Project Assessment and Expert Advice

Tom Jannace Roofing recognizes the individuality of each roofing project. Whether it's a business or residential roof, our staff will evaluate it thoroughly and provide you with experienced advise and direction based on their findings. If you have concerns such, "how long does a roof inspection take?" or "what should I expect during a roof inspection?" we're here to help.



 (24 Reviews)

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CAH Kennedy
CAH Kennedy
Roof installation, Gutter installation, Skylight installation
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Tom Jannace was hands-on during every step of the installation. He was attentive and responsive to all of our questions and concerns. He has a great balance of professionalism and personability.
Ramon Abad
Ramon Abad
Roof installation, Attic venting installation
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Great experience with Tom and his crew. Very professional, very helpful with financing solutions and more importantly timely recommendations on ventilating my very hot attic as well as on the creative side with color selection and shingle type pertinent to our style house, roof and budget. Installation went very quickly and thoroughly. Tom Jannace roofing was a pleasure to do business with.
Jason Sprigman
Jason Sprigman
Roof Installation
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Tom and his son Nick and the whole crew at Tom Jannace roofing did an amazing job on my house. Tom was super accommodating from the start and helped me pick out the right roof tile color, quality and durability, to fit my type of roof, pitch and shade. He also suggested the right gutters to deal with the high pitch roof I have. His crew was neat, cleaned up after themselves everyday, did amazing job installing the roof and were a pleasure to have around the house. Tom's prices are fair and his work is that of a master craftsman. This is the guy you want putting a roof on your house!
Barbara Lopez
Barbara Lopez
Roof installation, Skylight installation
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Me and my husband decided to go with Tom because he was very professional and understanding . His workers were very professional and finished the roof job in just 2 days, and they also cleaned up nicely. We would recommend him to anybody we know.

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