Hauppauge Roof Repair

Our main roles at Tom Jannace Roofing includes the repair, replacement and installation of roofs on homes. The duties which we face include making sure that leaks are identified on time in addition to protecting roofs from a variety of weather elements which are notorious for causing damages to homes. Tom Jannace Roofing has a good number of well trained and skilled Hauppague roof repair contractors on board who are able to offer solutions to small and large projects.

Roofing Services Offered

  • New Roof Installation
  • Re-Roofing
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Tear-Offs
  • Skylight Installation
  • Roof & Skylight Leak Detection & Repair
  • Roof Maintenance Programs
  • Roof Evaluations
  • Shingle, Tile, Metal, Flat & Much More

As leading roofing contractors of Hauppague roof repairs, emergency roof repairs and more, we strive to use nothing but the materials of the highest quality in all our projects. We endeavor to complete all projects on time, just as per the agreement we entered into with you when signing the contract. This is done irrespective of the roofing needs required for your home. We are specialists in providing solutions to cater for various types of roofing such as shingle, slate, wood shake, cement, rubber, wood, asphalt and tiled roofs. The services we offer cover metal, fiberglass and composite roof types as well.

The services offered by Tom Jannace Roofing, are priced fairly to ensure that every person with a roof issue is catered for. We understand that many homeowners have not been able to enjoy these services in the past due to high costs. As long as you are faced with roofing needs, you need to contact us so that we can give you an estimate of what is required. We will take pictures of the damage on the roof and take you through what needs to be done on it. This will help you get a better grasp of the intense job that has to be carried out on your roof, as well as on pricing.

Our services are not limited to roofs only. We take care of your gutter system as well. The gutter is a very important part of the roof and if left unattended, may transfer the damage to the roofing system. We ensure that your gutter is unblocked and repaired as well when tackling the normal roofing needs. Some of the biggest culprits in causing damage to roofs include adverse weather elements. To mitigate this, we will advise you to allow the installation of emergency roofing styles until such a time when you are able to afford repair.

We are experienced in this field and realize that your roof may get damaged as a result of storms, fires and water leaks. The solutions we provide are geared towards resolving these issues as well. If your roof is in utter state of disrepair, we will recommend an entirely new roof to be installed. Our expertise runs across the board and we can work with metal as well as tiled roof types. If you desire, we can work on installing solar panels as part of the roofing system in your building. Our highly skilled Hauppague roof repair contractors are well skilled in construction, electrical as well as carpentry work.